Following the final shortlisting of each cohort of volunteers, Volunteer Graduate Assistants (VGAs) are taken through 2-weeks of training in order to prepare them for the task ahead of being deployed to the counties. The training curriculum, which focused on supporting young struggling learners, national cohesion and personal and preofessional development, follows comprehensive research and analysis conducted by stakeholders such as the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, the National Commission on Integration and Cohesion and leading experts in areas such as Collaborative Working, Personal Branding and Career Planning.

Evolving to meet the needs of the Education and Public/Private sectors, as well as Community development, the training programme is designed to provide an engaging meaningful experience, carried out to world-class standards by trainers who are carefully selected based on their experience and expertise.

Training includes sessions on: Introduction to means of assisting young struggling learners in Primary Schools (Read Aloud Sessions), the G-United brand and vision, National Values and how to put them into practice, Leadership & Entrepreneurship, the importance of Community Service, how to deal with transition and change, setting personal goals and Networking. Volunteers also take part in community service for at least a day during the training period.

The first cohort training was conducted over a two-week period at Garissa University in Garissa County, while the second cohort Training took place in August 2016 at Thogoto Teachers' Training College in Kiambu County.


Starting out in a career or pursuing entrepreneurship is unchartered territory for a young graduate. G-United provides a platform through which professionals and corporates can offer guidance and pass on wisdom to a younger generation of Kenyans who are the future professionals. The mentorship track we offer aims to equip our volunteers with personal and professional development skills.

A productive mentorship relationship is dependent on how well matching mentors and mentees is done. Matching will be done along the following criteria:
1)    Congruence of professional and personal goals
2)    Mentors’ areas of preference and Mentees’ areas of need in professional development
3)    Other preferences e.g. gender, location of Mentor etc

In addition to offering guidance on professional and personal development tasks, mentors offer a dedicated amount of time each month for volunteer interaction, support VGAs in structuring their Community Engagement Project planning & execution, aligning their careers in the employment or entrepreneurial sector and help further develop the G-United mentorship program through recommendations and reports.


G-United volunteers who have successfully completed their placement will be awarded recommendation letters together with official certificates of recognition by the Government of Kenya for their dedicated volunteer service.